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Posted by carolyn on 04/24/02 - 15:24:21
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exerpt from DIRECTLINE presents New Yord Stae Lyme controversy  - aired May 2001

Michos:  ....there is an esperiment years ago with the African Americans, you have said that experiment certainly was not halted by anybody that was a physician, it was halted by people with moral character.  what did you mean by that Dr. Liegner?

Liegner: Well, i had given some information about it.  the Tusgeegee Experiment was not stopped by the medical profession, it was not stopped by the public health community, it was stopped by persons of conscience, who said tht this is wrong.  aand just as it was wrong to allow people width evidence of an active spirochetal infection to fo untreated.  we have the same situation occuring with patients with chronic lyme disease who continue to harbor persistent spirochetal infections and that are not being treated.

Michos: are tou going to take this fight all the way up?  where is the Governors' Office, where are they at?

Miller:  so far the governor's office has been very supportive.  and i think that this is all part of... (interuption)

Michos: is the department of health worried about that? they haven't returned my calls.

Miller:  i think thaey are getting a little nervious because of each of the "quote/unquote" answers that they throw up to dfend themselves have holes in them so that they are not holding water anymore.  and the reality is that we have to stop the complacency which allows management of money to supercede management of health and disease.


Miller: that has made Dr Liegner a strong ally because he steps forward on the basis of science and good medicine.  his curriculum vitae is as long as this room, so these are not physicians who are slouches isn the profession of medicine.  these are not quacks.  these are true acadimicians and medical people , and clearly what is being lost in this entire argument is that medicine is still and art and it is the diagnosis that depends on the ability to diagnose, not just depending on a test, and that is what these people are doing and they are being challenge for it.

Michos:  and in 10 seconds, if you can give it to me, and you said not yet, but  this thing goes on it could come to you, correct?

Liegner:  well, i think what is happening is having a very chilling effect, and it is making it very difficult for people who have lyme disease, an dother tick borne diseases to get treatment.

Michos:  the patients are starting t opanic as they have no  place to go.

Liegner: i think the message is not being lost on physicians that physicians who treat lyme disease are being targeted.

Michos:  in 2 seconds, as we have to go , do you still have your license?

Dr Horowitz:  I do at this point, but something could happen in the next several weeks.

Michos:  are you going to fight this to the end?

Miller : absoutely. and don't forget, itn the national news, 150 physicians who treat lyme disease are all being targeted in all states, so it is obvious a major problem.

Michos: thank you for all jioning us.  there is a lot more to this.  i am Michos from "directline". goodnight.

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