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Posted by twilight double leader on 04/24/02 - 10:00:30
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In the old days ... back when BBS ruled the warez world and the internet was a twinkle in Al Gore's eye ... I use the handle of "Hardware".  Now, you can read that any way you'd like.  The TRUE meaning was "Hey, we're programmer's.  We don't know nothing 'bout no stinking hardware!  And we don't care!"

Too many "Hey, hard!  Howyoudoooing?"s.

And, if I don't install a new hard drive this weekend, no one is getting any cds.  I'm out of space.  Flat busted.  Maybe we do hardware after all :)
I also need more space to store more pictures.  Did you see the pictures from the last two weeks?  Rich wants to know if I got one of Marty and the mike ... it's on the "private" page.

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