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Posted by Christo on 04/24/02 - 06:40:58
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welcome Valerie - we've been waiting for you here for a while. We eventually had to send some mindwaves thru the ether to get you here.

Have you got Windows of Heaven? Deep Space/Virgin Sky ? - those 2 CDs in particular have sparked/rekindled a lot of JS enthusiasm for many of us.

Drop by the board regularly - we need some southern hemisphere views...
I'm in the UK and dont get to see many JS shows - OK I've only seen one - but recently some ADeckers have been so great at giving concert reviews and sending photos etc it's like I was there. In fact I'm sure I saw myself in one of the photos :-)
In no time you'll get to know the regulars on A Deck - as I just said to Kenny - some of us bark but none of us bite.  :-)

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