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Posted by Adrian on 04/23/02 - 20:20:02
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Keith et al,

The UK e-mailing list Graham's refering to is the one I created a couple of years back to coordinate plans for meeting up before the November 2000 London show. Since then, it's been used to set up other gatherings of the tribe, plus more recently we've started to organise UK-only vines to help spread copies of various shows. That way, everyone interested can get a copy without us all having to pay trans-Atlantic postage...... As soon as we hear about a future JS or related show, news will go out there, as will news of when the tickets are available, where we plan to meet up for a few pre-show drinks etc...

Anyone who's in the UK or Europe, or who visits regularly and would like to maybe meet up with like-minded souls for drinks & good tunes should let me know via e-mail so I can add them to the list. Once you're on the list, you'll get all the up-to-date news that's directly relevant to the UK & Europe - including where to get ATSOS (I finally got my copy last week from HMV in Derby - I just walked in and there it was sitting in the JS section.... plus it was 10 cheaper than at Amazon!!!).

And to pick up on one of Keith's points from a few posts back, as I pointed out to Anna in a post here yesterday, she's seen the band as many times in the past two weeks or so as we have in the UK during the past EIGHT YEARS......... So I don't want to hear anyone in the US complaining that the band doesn't play near them often enough!!!............. Anyone who does complain can expect a visit from two gentlemen who's middle names are both "the"... Know what I mean???

(And yes, I did borrow that bit from Robin Williams....)


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