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Posted by Eth on 04/23/02 - 20:00:47
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25, 25, 27 28 April--my sister flies in from Buffalo, my brother from Portland, our son from Portland...and we move my mom to safe care from her home of 40 years---MAYBE!!!!!!!!

Well----I'm a bit sad we can't make San Diego, OR the Shoreline in August, either  We were thinking at Bimbo's SF, Sunday night-- with Bob Weir and Pete Sears-- that THAT would be a great Starship Venue.

I have to hope we add more JS/CA dates over the summer.

We have conflicting reports about NEW and CRAPPY management of the GAMH-----or maybe Boz Scagg's was going to take it, and that may have been good??    DON'T KNOW.

BUT--I wish the GAMH would remain the important historical venue it HAS been up until recently.
It was very EXCELLENT seeing our first RETURN JS show there last summer.

Well, MC, we can never stop pestering your bailiwick with our twopence.  


El Sobrante

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