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Posted by Christo on 04/23/02 - 19:09:31
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Hey Kenny
Don't deprive us of your opinions - thats what this Deck is for.
I'm a gentle soul and its taken the occasional sandpit kerfuffle to make me realise that a some people here have a loud bark, even when barks aren't required. But none of them bite.
I thought you made your points well and it made a lot of folks think. (see my "I Care" post below for my thoughts on them)

One thing I've found here is that it doesn't matter how well one puts things, typing is not a good enough medium to get everyone to see the subtleties of exactly what you mean, and the degree of levity or otherwise the points are put with. Thats why I use a lot of smileys :-)

We all love JS - its not a sin to want more.
Stick around - there's always room in the sandpit for one more :-)

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