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Posted by Kenny on 04/23/02 - 18:46:16
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I would like to thank those who sent me messages of support for the positions I took herein, which unfortunately, seemed to polarize rather than to be taken for what they were -- mere suggestions from a fan.

I never meant to antagonize MC or anyone, or appear critical of the band.  Listen, I would rather listen to Paul and the crew play "Louie Louie" for three hours than hear the best efforts of just about any other band. I simply wanted to challenge the band to "try something new" ---- no, not "Louie Louie"!!!!!!!!!!

When I'm home, listening to JA/JS on my home stereo or even headphones in the gym, I NEVER play hits.  I dust off oddities never heard on the air like "universal, sketches, mau mau, million, the whole WOH album". Since most of the people I see at JS shows are "regulars", I figured you, like me, would rather hear these gems (some for the first time) rather than STL for the 275th.

In any event, I'm through making suggestions.  I'll go see the band anyway, and be glad I have the opportunity to do it......unless there is an early/late show and an opening act!

Rgds to all

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