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Posted by Terry on 04/23/02 - 12:49:08
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Yep, Ethel, I'm a refugee from Lafayette (aka "Laughayette").  My sister lives in Richmond.  Lots of great memories, especially shopping for bootleg LPs at Rather Ripped Records (it was at corner of Hearst and Euclid in Beserkeley, just down the street from the Greek).  It was there that I scored "Tapes from the Mothership," "Up Against the Wall Mother," "Almost Starship Shape," and "Fasten Your Seatbelt."

Moe's was a great place for used LPs, although they quit selling them and switched to just books.

Rasputin's ("Raspy's) was noted for the absolutely horrible quality of their used LP inventory.  In recent years the quality has proven much better, but in the 70s they were the worst store in town.

I still visit every couple of years, and I always make a trek down Telegraph in search of good quality used vinyl.  Raspy's and Amoeba are good bets.

As for Day on the Green--I used to call it "Bloodfest on the Green."  Just a bunch of rowdy drunks beating the shit out people instead of listening to the music.

IIRC, Paul and/or Marty refused to perform at "Day on the Green" during their peak touring days of 1975-1976.  They preferred places like The Greek, even though they could've sold more tickets in the stadium setting.


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