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Posted by Agent C on 04/23/02 - 12:07:19
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Rich, are you still teaching writing at Langley?  I wish EVERYONE in the FBI could observe as keenly and report as thoroughly and fairly as you do. Some come very close, but I've never seen anyone get it so right.  Thank you for raising the bar, so to speak...  

& As for Chris & our fellow A-Deckers' oppression by the Keswick Quakers, "la plus ca change..." (they're obsessive list-makers, especially re: their perceived enemies, which -- remember Tricky Dick? -- can mean everyone to the left of Ashcroftilla the Hun.  I console myself with the thought of them wandering aimlessly through the theater lobby, clutching their tape-recorders & looking up & talking to each of the framed posters, & weeping copiously when they come to Donny & Marie).

p.s. Liz forgot to make me promise not to tell you this, so I will. But first, give her a break: as you know, we all were right up front, & even though John Murray did a superb job with the sound, when you're that close there are some distortions. Marty was looking straight at her, singing that chorus to "Volunteers", & Liz swears she thought he was singing "BITE BACK! BITE BACK!"  He kept doing it so emphatically & so clearly addressing it to HER, that she ended up, well, it was just as you said: she had his calf in her mouth.  She's so embarrassed.  As she said:  "It's not even my favorite part!"  (of Marty's leg...)

thanks, Rich
a great pleasure to meet you
I've still not touched down from the clouds, but I can feel the stirring of a soon-to-appear, lengthy thank-you post to you & the band & crew & our incredibly lucky fellow ship-mates...
I may need a few more days.
Grinning & tearful is such a silly-looking combo!

Affectionately (& not quite back home),

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