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Posted by Cricket on 04/23/02 - 10:25:04
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Anna! I'm so glad to have met you @ Webster &  again @ Westbury & BB's.  It was a treat talking with you, & sharing your excitement about the shows... & I'll never forget the look on your face at that fairytale moment Paul invited you & your dad to stay. His spontaneous generosity and your astonished, radiant smile are among the memories from this tour that I'll cherish all my life. What a Wild Tyme!
...& speaking of ABAB, what comes to mind is:
"Today is made up of yesterday and TOMORROW..."
I'm hoping we'll all meet again soon, too.  Till then, all the best to you back at school, & do  remember you've got family & friends here on A-Deck & Fulton. If you want to start working on your Dad now, to get him to bring you out to California this summer, we'll start rolling out that magic red carpet...
& if we vacuum it, PK's bound to play...

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