"Knee Deep"

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Posted by scot (one 't') on 04/22/02 - 23:44:28
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Keith, I acutally liked, and still do, "Knee Deep"...particularly "Love Rusts" and "Tomorrow Doesn't Matter Tonight". I said that it was the only "Starship" album I had and it was on vinyl....but I foregot that I had bought the cd reissue 2 years ago, which is signed by Mickey, just to check out the bonus track "Casualty (disappointer)". I prefer, and always will, Paul's work with The Starship..."Blows" is still incredible everytime I crank it! But Michael does exaggerate some things that I've said...like I never accused JS of playing just the "hit"...but every show I've seen in the past ten years has included some songs that, to me, have gotten too much setlist play for a band with such a wide and diverse repertoire (maybe I fucked up the spelling). I just can't get into their usual set closer "Volunteers" anymore. "Other Side Of This Life" should replace it alot more...I've seen them rock the fuck out of that song before.

(Enjoying a little tawny port after work)

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