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Posted by CB Rollins on 04/22/02 - 20:47:10
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So I drove about 100 miles up to New Hampshire today in a late April snow event (after it being 90 degrees last week and a mild earthquake over the weekend) to get my snow tires replaced with fresh summer tires on the Subaru Forester- turns out the tire shop manager ordered the wrong tires(no sales tax in NH plus m & b included, big $$$ savings)and as I was ready to freak out over wasted time and gas, over the FM in the showroom comes Marty B 'with your love' lalala- OK, it's corny by itself, but in those muzak/supermarket etc situations it makes you think for a moment;like when you're in the frozen food aisle and 'Touch of Grey' filters in through the fog...The one time I spoke to Jerry Garcia I asked him what he was gonna do about Paul Kantner (circa 1978)- he said 'hanging's too good for him' but mentioned 'We all need guidance sometimes"- I suppose guidance can come over the tire place radio, or through 'Miracles' being on every radio all the time in 1976? or 'Lets Roll' on Don Imus' show? Oh well- can't stop the train , gotta let it roll on...

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