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Posted by Christo on 04/22/02 - 20:33:15
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and whatever I do
There will be love in it !

we have our opinions and we have a fine ADeck to express them - they are read by the manager and sometimes the band leader. Thats pretty cool all in all.

The answers aren't always as we would wish them to be expressed. MC has his "way" - I think he could've been a little more polite - name calling is just silly.
But I think he listens more than his posts give away. His perspectives are bound to be different - linked as they are with the day to day bread and butter of the band.

Ultimately the band will do what the band will do. I think the fact that I can have any discussion with the manager of my fave band a bit amazing. He hasn't called me a moron tho (yet) :-)

Me? - I can see all sides - the need to play hits - the need for new stuff (that's new-new, not new-old) in a healthy band.

I think part of it with the new album is that JS aren't quite in the mentality where they feel they can release a nice LITTLE album - like an acoustic one recorded at Pauls front room for example.  Self financed and distributed... The "We love this so much we're bringing it out ourselves" approach. The CIA 's being an exception - but they are both live and thats OK coz its like a live bootleg thing.
There's still a feeling it should be BIG, make it's mark, put them on the road to BACK THERE. Nothing wrong with the ambition - there is room for another approach too tho. Like CPR. Self released product led to wider distribution for all their CDs.

Maybe the funds from JS3C will change all that and stop the label chasing that led to the WOH delays and multiple releases.

I think plenty of us care
I think with a band with such a long history that it is inevitable that there will be folks who care about different aspects of the band's present and future.

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