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Posted by Christo on 04/22/02 - 19:48:52
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Steve Reich - Leicester UK in the 80s.
Had a meet the composer Q & A session. Why did he bother? - he was such a nasty piece of work, slagged the audiences questions. I asked him why he never had imrpovisation in his music. He said "There has never been a successful meeting between improvised and composed qustion please..." One legit qustion was anjswered with a bored "Thats absurd question please" He carried on like this for half an hour...
He bummed the audience out before the gig!

I once told a musician that once worked with him that was touring with Terry Riley - he said "Reich has always been an asshole"
Made me feel better...

Had a similar experience with Michael Nyman when a venue I worked for at University put his group on - he said after the gig with a sneer " When I first saw this place I didn't want to play here - now that I have I suppose I did get some perverse kind of pleasure out of it" We had to stop our publicity person laying one on him ....we dragged her away as she grrrred "Lemme atim....I'll killim...."

I've heard both guys on the radio and on TV since - they are still insufferable arrogant arsebiscuits.

as the wise man said - "There will always be assholes"  :-)

funnily enough I met Karlheinz Stockhausen a coupla times, expected him to be a loony megalomaniac.
He was a kind and humble man, and happily signed autographs for ages at his mixing desk.

sorry - I rambled a bit off the topic here
Its late....

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