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Posted by Donna Yukiah on 04/22/02 - 19:43:52
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I am experiencing culture shock after a night of pure magic at the JS concert in Chicago! What a fantastic treat to be front stage & dancing again to my favorite band. I had a great time and every song they played was hot and full of energy. Paul, the guys & Diana played their hearts out for us! What an excellent time we had with such wonderful artists/musicians who know how to make people so happy. It will be a long time before I come down to earth again. Just in time for the next show which I can attend in August. I can't wait to be amazed all over again.

We met some wonderful people from 2400 Fulton (our pretty lams are a great way to identify fellow JS family & a great ice breaker too)! Very friendly and warm, these folks know how to make you feel right at home. Lot's of fun too! Special thanks to Jerald for the second set of Sweetwater. What an unexpected delight to be able to hear this! Thank you Jerald:-)

Hooked up with Liz & Cricket! Finally!!! Had a great time with the chirp and sister Midwest. Pam was scheduled to attend but an emergency came up which warranted a change in her plans. She was greatly missed but we understand. Hopefully next time pammy! Wish Eth & Ray could have been there. I'm looking forward to some dancing time with those two...maybe this summer? BTW, I got the gift, thanks sweet E! And Don. I thought about you a lot. If our photos turn out well, I'll finally be able to send YOU some images. That would be my great pleasure for all your kindness and generosity. I do wish all A-Deckers & 2400 gang could have been there with us.

One sad note: Just before JS came out, some guy started yelling for Grace. I love Grace but she has retired. And Diana takes a back-seat to no one! She has a fantastic voice and wonderful stage presence. I'm glad she's playing with JS. To the guy who was so ridiculous, inappropriate & rude: If you come to a JS show and what you really want is Grace or Jorma or Jack and you feel you must shout about it, please...find the door marked exit, go home and put on an old CD, crank up the volume & enjoy! You will be happier and so will we.

And to MC: Bourbon Street was a wonderful venue! Thanks to you & JS for the Midwest run. We had a great time. Looking forward to future shows!

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