Pete Sears, Bob Weir , and Flying Other Brothers

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Posted by Paul S. on 04/22/02 - 19:19:55
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After Don left(thanks for getting me in Don!!) Bob Weir went on to play his best show I've seen since... Pete Sears and Bobby sat in with Flying Other Brothers. THIS BAND SUCKS SO BAD IMNSHO THEY ARE MTV POSTER GEEKS. Silicon Valley wanna be's with LOTS of money with ZERO talent. REAL nice equiptment though. REAL nice. 3 guitars including Bobby and not a lead guitar to be heard. Pete and Bobby carried that band like magicians!!!Pete ripped it up real good. It's a given Bobby can't play a lead to save his life, but no one can nail those chords the way does. When Dawn Patrol came out they wiped the floor with the Flying Other Brothers. Blew the roof off with a relitively short set. David Hayes on bass blows my mind!! Reminisent of Jack in some ways. Ernest (Boom)Carter on drums...REALLY good drummer. A short but powerful drum solo. Like a machine gun...thats the way I like it!! Great feel, chops...the rhythm section in ANY band dictates the verocity of the music. I go to watch them more than anything. Real nice guys too. Anyone make a setlist? Bob D.?

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