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Posted by Tiger on 04/22/02 - 18:32:37
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from one of those who gets to enjoy it.

The Chicago 4/20 concert was great and lots of fun!

For months I had been looking forward to my first JS concert.  Donna-Yukiah, who has been eagerly waiting for JS to come back to the midwest, and I were very excited to be going to the concert.

I've never been to a concert where I was so close to the performers.  What a neat experience!

I had to laugh when I read Jerald's post about possibly having to apologize to the folks around him for his dancing.  I felt the same way, but what the hell, it was good fun. :)

It was great to meet some of the A-deck and 2400 Fulton people.  I wish more could have made it to Chicago.

Jefferson Starship...I hope I didn't blind you with all the pictures I took. I can't wait to see them!  And thanks so much for your beautiful music!

Tiger (Joanne)

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