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Posted by Ethel on 04/22/02 - 18:26:35
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My sensitive friends, Cricket and Liz, nurtured me through a tour weaning process by leaving a CELL PHONE OPEN to me for ALL of WESTBURY!

I was DYING it was so GREAT---and is sounded shitty on the CELL PHONE.  SO YOU KNOW it was a

I even heard Paul's quip about impropriety
in catholic school---and what the hell was wrong with him.....etc.  (bad Eth paraphrase)

That VENUE, and the AFTERWARDS, are something I regret missing.   BUT I GUESS I DIDN'T.

We were even in attendance afterwards---with a little CELL help from our friends.

Our gratitude, Cricket.  

AND Liz-"can we talk?"  (good stuff)

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