Hey boys....any plans to come out west for a show or 2?

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Posted by Paul S. on 04/22/02 - 17:15:02
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Bob D. Eth, and I were talking about you at the Pete Sears/Bob Weir show last night. I don't remember what exactly, but all good things I'm sure. Ahh yes, taper stuff....thats it. I got one for ya : JA '89 Great Woods - Mansfield, MA Anyone got it? I don't remember much specifics about the show exept in comepletely blew my head off. The acid I took didn't kick in for an hour and a half or so and by then I was in my 5th hit. But when it did...WOOOOHHHH....HOLD ON NELLIE, THERES GONNA BE SOME TURBULANCE!!  17 yrs old, unhip parents, and all I knew were the 'hits' at the time and not many of them at that. BUT being privilaged enough to see Grace sing White Rabbit is and was a high point of MY youth, if not my life. "The great big love beast" definately crawled out the speakers and ravaged my brain that night. Forever Grateful. PEACE

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