Oakland Hills firestorm

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Posted by Paul S. on 04/22/02 - 16:49:20
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I didn't live here then but I have seen on the news that the neighbors and volunteers make sure they clean up fallen leaves, limbs, etc. I think it's a law now. There is also a fire station up there now and they supposedly have much better plans in case a fire breaks out. Kara and I(both from the east) refer to eucaliptus trees as the "cat piss"trees.  I think if you didn't grow up around them they have a similar scent. When I first got here I asked people what that smell was and they had no idea what I was talking about(well thats a first). I narrowed it down to those trees. They do smell different than cat piss to us now but we still say "catpiss" when we're out on adventures. Call me crazy...but thats what they smelled like. A slightly more enjoyable scent. My apologies to eucaliptus lovers everywhere....I'm one of you now.  There is a difference!!! PEACE

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