Time to End This...Its Not Helpful, Apparently

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Posted by Kenny on 04/22/02 - 14:29:25
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Look.  If you consider me to be somewhat less than an intelligent human for wanting to hear more, not less......., new AND old, not just old from my favorite band....continue to call me an idiot.

As you can see from the "fan bashing" post, and messages I received from other fans via e-mail, not everyone considers the response you offered to be "all in good fun".

Re: Dead heads/new fans/young fans/fans behaving badly...

I don't agree with you on latter day dead fans.  Not everyone is as old as you or I.  As I said, JS needs new fans....and most new fans would presumably be younger folks....not just other greybeards who never were fans "in the old days".  It isn't the fault of fans that they were born post 1969.  Shit, I wish I was one of 'em (damn these muscle pulls and hairs growing out of my ears anyway).  I remember some misbehavior at some Airplane/Starship shows too, you know.  Kids do the damndest things.

Re: Tom Lilly

Ok. Forgive me for not knowing every band configuration and name of same.  There have been more than a few since 1990 you know.  But to me, electric implies electric guitars, drums, amplified keyboards, electric BASS guitar.  The band needed a bass guitar at BBK's.  I would have loved to have seen Tom Lilly there.  He wasn't.  The union shall survive, so shall I.

re: Our arrogance for wanting some new material more than once a decade.

Hey, I'm not saying the band owes me a God damned thing.  I'm just glad to be able to see 'em play every so often....and talk to 'em once in a while.  But as I believe I pointed out, they were cranking out 1 studio album a year for a 12 year period in time.  Now, the've done ONE over the past 12 year period that I can think of.  You can call me stooopid if you think this is NOT a drop off in creative output.

My kid, when he wants something, or wants to justify some crazy activity/behavior, uses the tried and not so true kid logic of "but Dad, Johnny is allowed to do it".  You use the lack of output from HT as a justification for us to accept same from JS.  While I like HT (and would like more from them too), who gives a shit?  This is about JS.

Precious few people are weighing in refuting me and saying that the lack of new material is a good thing, and that maybe....just maybe....we need more "hits" in the set lists.  But I'm done with the topic.  If all is well in the hearts and minds of the band and its management, we loyal fans will cease expressing our opinions on the matter.  

What a shame no one cares.

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