radio, it's a sad salvation

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Posted by twilight double leader on 04/22/02 - 14:07:54
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There just aren't any good radio stations anymore.  at least not here in new york.  i grew up listening to wnew-fm religiously.  my morning drive is imus (click) bad sports (click) rock and comedy (click, click) and the cd player.  it's really pitiful.

That Bob Daniels, he's a sacred soul.  Sweet, gentle, kind ... wait, that's for sainthood.  Always willing to share a show.  He's sending me a Pete Sears show, we'll organize a structure to get a bunch of those out into the world. Most of the JS shows from the last two weeks were taped, and we'l start to get them out after we get some sleep.  I just passed two shows HT from Bob to Matt Gardner; expect those to shrub shortly.  How many slots you got open?  

Reno is hot (I just got a copy), but Bodles is smoking.  Especially if you like BATE.  Want one?  Gotta list?  If not, you have to promise to shrub out five of them to your closest, uh, friends.

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