MP3s vs. SHN Debate

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Posted by Kenny on 04/22/02 - 14:05:06
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Message Body somewhat meaningless, since as you point out, finding the shows is next to impossible anyway.  I've suggested use of USENET binary groups as the best way to get shows to as many people as possible (ASSUMING THAT THE BAND APPROVES OF TRADING IN THE FIRST PLACE....I'm UNAWARE OF THEIR OFFICIAL POSITION ON THE MATTER).

You're quite right, again, when you state that some shows conveyed via SHNs sound like shit.  SHNs aren't going to make a show that sucks (quality wise) sound better.  It will just make it NOT suck worse.

Using MP3 compression anywhere along the distribution chain will diminish quality.  No two ways about it.  The best thing is to convert from Native format (WAV) to SHN, and distribute to those capable of downloading/converting, and WAV to SHN to MP3 for those who need/want the MP3 format --- either the bandwidth challenged or those who want the music purely for portable devices or computers.

Can MC comment on the bands position on trading of music that is not commercially available?

Assuming the band is ok with trading, maybe we could try posting the show on an "abandoned" binary newsgroup.  If it works, we could start a JS binary group patterned along the lines of the way the GDEAD groups operate.  No use going through the hassle of setting up NGs without testing the concept first.


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