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Posted by Mission Control on 04/22/02 - 14:02:47
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... YOU HALF-WIT (hee-hee ... sorry!).  There are so many misstatements in your post, I can't betgin to assail them individually.  If I tried, my brain would seize up like "Forbidden Planet's" Robby The Robot" when Morbius commands him to kill Leslie Nielsen.  His circuits fry, because he is governed by Asimov's THREE LAWS OF ROBOTICS:
1) A robot may never harm, or by inaction allow harm to come to a human.
2) A robot must obey the commands given to it by a human, unless the command conflicts with the First Law.
3) A robot must preserve its own existence, unless doing so conflicts with the First or Second Law.

Unfortunately for you, I am not governed by those laws, but rather by THREE LAWS OF INTELLIGENT HUMANS:
1) All suppositions must be supported by facts.
2) Information taken out of context, or exceptionally isolated in nature and not found to be contiguous with other related infornation, does not in & of itself, constitiute a fact.
3) Be kind to those less informed or less enlightened, unless they ignore the first Two Laws, in which case it's OK to salvo a heapin' of whoopass all over dem!

Re: THE DEAD ... my castigation was upon clueless newbies (probably post "Touch Of Grey" ... definitely in the 90s) who created a chaotoc & violent scene that hurt the band.

Re: TOM LILLY ... er ... ELECTRIC is 7-piece, PK on Rickenbackers ... not sitting down, deftly picking his gorgeous Guilds.

Re: Yearly releases ... of course its OK to want ... I want to manager The Yankees, my wife wants to direct movies ... my son wants an endless supply of breast milk --- BUT to trash the band for not delivering on your schedule is lame, rude & just plain stooopid.  And when was the last time HOR TUNA wrote an album of new material?  Was that "Hopkorv" back in 1653?

Finally, next time you want to make a laundry list of refuted points, try using a number other than "1."  

Nothing personal Kenny ... just get your facts straight before you throw down.  The masses are more entertained when both of us know what we;re talking about.

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