I know it's cold & foggy over there, but ...

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Posted by Mission Control on 04/22/02 - 13:41:09
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I have no problem liking Mickey or anyone.  Heck, my wife can't understand why anyone would buy INCREDIBLE STRING BAND or BEERT JANSCH records - the vocals being so inaccessible & all - & I LOVE THAT MUSIC!

I took umbrage at Kenny (& Scott's) assertion that JS only plays the hits, which I have fleshed out to be a misiniformed misstatement at best & a lie at worst - & shall vittiate that indictment with a reprtoire list spanning the past 20 months - shortly.

As for your critique ... SHAME ON YOU for failing to review the JS3C PERRO CDs you've received ... or any of the other recent JS product on the market.

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