Worst Concerts?

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Posted by Terry on 04/22/02 - 13:21:54
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A variant on Don's top 10 post from a few days ago:  What are the worst concerts you've ever attended?

For me:

Rolling Stones, Oakland, 1978
Rolling Stones, Candlestick Park, 1981

(The Stones sucked royally in concert, but they got better.  The 1989 tour was a major improvement; 1994 was "so-so"; The 1997-1999 tours were outstanding--the best performances they'd done since about 1972).

Bob Dylan w/Tom Petty, Shoreline, August 1986
Bob Dylan, Washington DC, Oct. 1989

(The last time Bob sound good live was the Concert for Bangla Desh, 1971; last time he sounded good on record: Infidels 1984). (I'm still a fan, though....)

Steve Miller, Wolf Trap, VA, 2000
(I never liked Steve Miller, but this show was redeemed by a Gov't Mule opening set).

Santana, Merriweather, MD, Summer 1996 (or 97)
(I love Carlos, but sometimes his shows are too "soul" oriented for me.  I'd rather see a showcase of his exquisite guitar work like the South American concert on PBS from the late 1990s).

Jefferson Starship, Sonoma County Fair, June 1984:
The 2nd to last show before Paul finally said "the hell with this").  Craig posed and postured like an Eddie Van Halen clone and Grace was more concerned with her 80s hairstyle than the quality of the music.  Paul K. just sort of stood around looking out of place.  He did, however, save the day by forcing the band to play the title track from PERRO!!

Hot Tuna (electric), Berkeley Community Theatre, Dec. 1983 (the most boring show I'd ever witnessed, except:)

The Eagles, Oakland, 1980:  Boring.  I fell asleep, and I wasn't even drunk.

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