Mickey Thomas has got a tighter ass these days than Marty...

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Posted by Keith on 04/22/02 - 12:52:24
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Well, it figures since he's around about 13-14 years younger!

Unlike Scott, I have all the Thomas-era JS albums. I also have all the Starship albums. And I'm more than proud to own the lot.

Now, to be even more treasonous than in recent postings, I not only think "NO PROTECTION" pisses all over "KBC BAND"; but I also think "Wild Again" is heaps better than anything on "JEFFERSON AIRPLANE".

And, now the ultimate act of treachery...I reckon "Love Rusts" to be the most innovative track cut by anybody vaguely associated with JA/JS in the mid-80s.

If "HOOPLA" had been all of that quality, it would be a world-beater of an album instead of the lowest common denominator dreck it is.

It was pointed out to me a long, long time ago that there is a huge difference between music fan and music critic.

I love the JA/JS too much to ever escape fandom; but I'd like to think I bring something of "music critic" to being a "music fan".

So, while I will always prefer Marty, I can appreciate Mickey. While I far prefer PK's more sensible noodlings, I can still enjoy some of the Chaquico-Thomas pomp-rock imitations.

And I'm not afraid to suggest to Balin, Kantner and MC that, in some respects at some times, I think they could do things better. (Which doesn't mean, Michael, I want your job. So don't try that crap on me!)

Scott at the moment is posting a lot of sense - if you step back from sheer fandom and wear something of a critic's hat. For which he's being roundly villified - with MC one of the worst culprits. (Shame on you, Michael!)

But Kevin and I have been this way before. Kevin - shades of Dirty Harry! - just gets real nasty and blows all the wimpies away with his Magnum tongue - all the while painting himself to be more and more of a caricature fascist.

Me, I just get pissed off and go away for a while until the need to communicate with people who actually understand how gorgeous "In Time" is drags me back to the Jefferson Sandbox.

So let's work with a few givens....

1. From Scott to Don, to Ethel to Kevin, we all love this band, what they've been to us and our generations, and what we still hope they could be.

2. We want them to have the esoteric integrity of "SUNFIGHTER" whilst enjoying the plaudits that "RED OCTOPUS" enjoyed  - and the media clout that in turn gave them.

3. The two principals are old fogies and it's just not reasonable to expect them to be as incredibly creative as they were in their youth.
Which doesn't mean we shouldn't expect some creativity from them. (It might help if there were more than two creators; between 66-84, there would usually be between 3-5 creators in a line-up at any one time.)

So, on these bases, can't we discuss in a reasonable and respectful manner what our boys (and gal!) need to do to achieve that balance (which historically JA/JS have done so well) between being commercial and doing art.

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