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Posted by Kenny on 04/22/02 - 12:23:54
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Those who have mentioned a desire to hear less frequently played material and NEW material are apparently not welcome herein.  To suggest that recent set lists are somewhat unimaginative is tantamount (in your mind) to a proclamation that the band sucks, is mismanaged, etc., and thus, deserving of any viotrol you care to dispense.

First of all, no one calls YOU a moron, blithering idiot, bozo, etc., but you feel free to insult fans who don't march in lockstep with what YOU think the band should be/are doing.  You talk a good talk about how differences of opinion are valid or welcome, until someone actually expresses them.  Then, said persons are fair game for your hateful name-calling.

The recent thread focused on the SHORT and UNIMAGINATIVE BB King set list.  A couple who parted with money for tickets and associated expenses (food & drink at BBK's, parking, tolls) shelled out around $250 (I did) to hear the band play for an hour at the early show and hear songs that seem to be played over and over again lately.

We who offer suggestions and criticisms do love the band and appreciate them.  Otherwise, we would just be among the thousands who don't even know they're around and don't attend shows or buy cds.  We don't need to have them "gone" before we'll appreciate them.

Some responses to your responses to my post:

1. J&J.  I'm glad Paul tries to "make nice" with Christmas cards and the like, but the public doesn't know this.  On the other hand, he's been quite public in his ridiculing of Jorma and characterization of Jack as Jorma's lap dog herein.  If you'll reread my original post, you'll realize I said "it works both ways".  Your points about J&J are accurate, and they deserve heat as well.  I would just prefer to see Paul/JS "take the high road", and if they're refuted, so be it.  How about an open letter to J&J from Mr. K?

with regard to Tom Lilly, I have been to approx three shows in the NY area this year and I've not seen him.  Where was he at BB Kings? Wasn't this an "electric show"?

As for yearly releases.  Perhaps aggressive, yes, but am I now to be faulted for wanting to hear MORE NEW STUFF FROM THE BAND?  We're coming up on the 4th anniversary of WOH.  Four years since we've heard anything new.  Does this mean the band's lost its creativity?  Who knows?  Youy use a bunch of other bands to benchmark their releases.  I prefer to use a band whose creativity I'm more familiar with.....the Jeffersons.  I do know that when the 'plane was at its creative Zenith (Takes off - LJS), we didn't wait four years to hear ANYTHING new. In that period of time (6 years) we got TO, SP, C of C, Baxter's, Bark, LJS.  That's about one per year (even with all the creative battles going on within the band).  How about the period 70-76?  We got BATE, SF, BVT, DF, RO, Spitfire.  An average of a new release per year.  DO YOU SEE A PATTERN HERE?  But for suggesting that one new release in the past six year period is unacceptable, we're now "daft"?

Your characterization of deadheads is completely out of line.  Your saying that deadheads care nuthin' about the music?  Hmmmmmm.  Who buys all those CDs?  Who attended all those shows and made them the #1 touring act in American history (and continues to attend spin off shows today)?  Who continues to trade/treasure live music?  Only people who are "tripping"?  Oh really?  I guess that includes everyone from Al Gore to Sen. Leahy, huh?  Myself, I'm an executive with a publicly traded company, and I TREASURE JS and the Dead.....and Red Wine is my tipple of choice, thank you very much.

By the way, I know the regulars at the JS shows.  I hope they don't get your message that the "consciously altered" are no longer welcome.

Finally, if there are lots of new fans, "starry eyed high school students", etc.  GREAT.  There's nothing I'd rather see, because its new fans that will make the bands popularity grow, not just us old time fans.  But my observations at the shows are just the opposite, lots of shiny heads and grey heads.....and heads I recognize from the other shows.


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