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Posted by Jerald on 04/22/02 - 11:15:17
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Thanks for posting the setlist, Tom.  Happy to have met you there.  Along with a bunch of other enthused fans.  What a time!

I got another chance to see the stars that night.  In wonderful company.  Many of whom in the crowd of hundreds knew the words, making it easier sing along as requested by Marty.  He was in great voice.  Having listened to this music many times for many years, I continue to be amazed at how fascinating I find it to be.  Every show thoroughly entertains me.  This one was fun in many ways, particularly to be close enough to the stage to see how the band interacted.  Kantner gesturing to Slick to turn it up, Prairie and Slick communicating about bringing up the tempo, Diana indicating to Prairie some mutual interest while singing "Let's Go Together", Marty and Slick appreciating some of Diana's moves.  I could go on.  There were lots of moments when I found myself smiling even more.  Several times I happened to be thinking about just how particularly marvelous something was and noticed Michael Eisenstein reacting similarly, catching the same peak.  Much enjoyed taking a picture of Mr. Kantner, near the end of the show as he closed his eyes and grooved in what Slick and Prairie and Chris were doing.  The whole outfit clearly was having a rockin' good time.  

I get to hear this music frequently in all the recordings I have purchased.  Those, of course, sound exactly the same every time.  It is the live show grabbing me and giving a new sense of wonder in it's variation that holds me in more awe of wonder.  I get to dance and sing and smile in the renewed joy of how it is so special in it's magic variation of that certain moment.  I make no apology for my endorsement, though I probably should apologize to any around me for my song and dance efforts.

My hat is off to the band for this fast, tight, and hot show.  MC, you did real good getting them into this venue.  Greetings to all the other fans that it was my pleasure to meet there.  In case one needs some assistance in the fan department, I urge consideration of attending a live show as long as the band will keep putting it on.  Same songs played stunningly fresh in the moment.  Take a lesson from Cricket and Liz in the fan department.  Sweet photogenic smiles there, by the way.  My hat is off to you charming ladies.

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