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Posted by Ethel on 04/22/02 - 10:35:21
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I have to verify and refute your assumption!

We just loaded 233 CDs into our new 400 changer.
I don't claim any super studious broad knowledge,
such as some of the people on this board that I respect, and learn things from, and am gifted by, have!  But we listen to a LOT of various music, especially LIVE, almost every weekend.  And we NEVER listen to the radio---OTHER than the Bay Area Jazz Station KCSM.

NOW, Admittedly, 70 of those discs are DEAD!!
And then one has to subtract the large portion of JA/JS.......... But on full ramndom play we get just the proportion we enjoy..of EVERYTHING.
It's real FAB--the new system.

I guess your kind of right---we're making our own 'radio'---what we need is more classical music.  We're gonna start working on that.I sure agree we all beneift to broaden our listening pleasure.   That's partly why I love this site!
I'm going broke with great CD recommends.  BUT I am also collecting a ton of shows FREE!

For instance----LAST night---at the WAVY Benefit, with Bob Weir and Pete Sears-(WOW Bob Daniels gave us HT Mystic, and JS Reno!!!
4discs----LUCKY US.

Ray and I and Paul S. had a terrific evening enjoying an intense and unexpected collaboration!!
Phew!   Bobby looked to be having a REAL blast-as did all.

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