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Posted by Liz on 04/22/02 - 10:14:43
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seems to be the most positive step I can make.
We need to live smarter lives, to learn to be conservative in how we use the resources of this planet.

Although I don't believe that solar or wind power are reasonable alternatives for MY particular environment, there are other options:
I've begun planting shade trees in strategic locations near my house to help keep it cool in the summer,
I've been planting pine trees to block the north wind...
I believe that all of these things should help reduce my dependence on electricity and natural gas.

150 years ago, the pioneers who settled in my area designed their farms using those concepts,
they lived smarter lives out of necessity and I believe we would do well to follow their example.

After serving 8 years in local government, I know how the system works...
unfortunately Kevin is correct, and decisions are made based on the desires of the wealthy contributors.

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