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Posted by scot on 04/22/02 - 02:20:04
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It's ironic that MC (supporting Paul & JS)
still trashes Mickey from time to time...
I heard Mickey with my own ears, while
signing autographs last summer after a show, refer to Kantner as "brilliant".
I would assume that in their line of work
that would be considered a nice compliment.

And if JS are so hard pressed to do the "hits"
at shows...then why not crank out the more
popular "Jane", "No Way Out",
"Fast Buck Freddie", "Ride The Tiger"...
what the heck is so special about doing
"Count On Me" with the audience invited to sing along every night? And "Volunteers" is so over
done. As Grace said..."singing songs about what
we thought was a revolution is not my idea of fun". I think we would see Grace around again
if JS were more daring and new in their concert
work. But Diana, or Darby, are still expected to
sing Grace's oldies to satisfy the promoters and
obvious drunks that show up.


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