Chicago 4/20

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Posted by Mars on 04/22/02 - 00:59:57
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I had a great time last night!As far as the bitchin' about set lists goes I would be happy to pay even if it was just Kantner scraping his nails on a chalkboard and mumbling incoherently! Any time I get to see this band it is a great pleasure no matter what they choose to play! I hope they hang around for a long time.Had a nice time meeting other JS3C/2400 Fulton folks!The laminate is a great way to meet other travelers! Here is the set list from last night. Every song a gem!
Somebody to Love
She has funny cars
Crown of creation
Good shepherd
Count on me
Young girl Sunday blues
Across the board
High flying' bird
Lets go together
Wooden ships
Plastic fantastic lover
White rabbit
------ Encore ------
3/5 of a mile in 10 seconds
Otherside of this life
Thanks to MC and the band for playing Chicago! Come back soon! Mars/Tom

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