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Posted by Mission Control on 04/21/02 - 23:32:50
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An 'oldies act' plays from a pat set of material ... generally performing the same arrangements of the same songs in the same order, night after night ad nauseum ... like STEPPENWOLF, or THE TURTLES or THE GUESS WHO.  

THE WHO play basically the same set, but with such fire & vigor ... they're utterly unclassifiable.  When they're gone, the last of the great, stately, legendary British rock bands will be gone.  I wish U2 all the best in carrying on the tradition, as they come closest to the original template of WHO, ZEP, FLOYD, bigger than life, et al.

JEFFERSON STARSHIP (you moron! - & I apologize to those of you with delicate sensibilities) has rotated 78 songs since the turn of THIS century.  Except for the obligatory closing anthem of "Volunteers," not even "WR," "STL" get played every night ... & MARTY's songs get played when the format includes MARTY.

JEFFERSON STARSHIP is one of the last authentic ties to a halcyon era - YES!!! Like P&F, THE ALLMANS, DYLAN - they continue to tour constantly, going for it every night, to the delight of most of us who treasure them ... in defiance of ungrateful, solipsistic idiots who don't get it.  What scares me - you think you get it ... & by time you DO get it bozo - it'll be gone!  Yes, when JS is gone (someday in the distant future I hope), we shall not see their like again.  Hence, the reason for my ire, my hackless being raised & this (perhaps too strong) broadside directed squarely at those who would ocify, fossilize or otherwise dare to indict this band without the bonafides to back their mucilagenous position.

Here's your laundery list back at'cha bub:

1) PAUL has repeatedly reached out to J&J, who neither respond to kind overtures (holiday cards & the like), AND ARE AFRAID to indulge their fans in a message board forum - like this one.  Furthermore, they vetoed a board on the JA site, so I suggest you bug them about 'childishness.'

2) JS has a terrific full-time bass player ... his name is TOM LILLY - if you went to a few shows, you couldn't miss him ... that is of course unless you had your head stuck way up your ass.  The band performs in several varietal configs ... and as the tour schedule indicates, there'll be more electric shows this year than in the past, so clean yourself up & "come on join the party dressed to kill ... you're an eminence front ... just a put on," (with apologies to PETE).

3) A yearly release of new material ... what are you - daft man?  Let's see, THE DEAD put out studio records in 1980, 1989, 1990something, right?  THE WHO haven't put one out in 20 years ... DYLAN brews one up every 4 or 5 years.  Is it me, or do you see a pattern here? (Also THE STONES, U2, COSTELLO).  You want a record of new songs every year, follow THE PARTRIDGE FAMILY.  Any rock music connessoir knows, it takes longer to write, arrange, rehearse & record material NOW, as oppsed to THEN!!!  GIMME A FUCKIN' BREAK!!!

As for THE DEAD crowds ... those throngs of clueless newbies, trippin on X ...carin' nothing about the music ... only about makin' the scene, contributed mightily to the Fat Man's untimely, sad exit from the building ... capice?  Yes, it would be nice to make gazillions in arenas & stadiums, but JS ain't doin' too bad on their own level.  As far as new fans, we get starry-eyed high school students, AND grizzled, hard core afficianados (Eth, Cricket, Keith, Kevin, Paul et al) who know a thing or two about music ...

... we even get BLITHERING IDIOTS!!!  All are welcome!

Need I say more?

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