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Posted by kevin r schmidt on 04/21/02 - 22:30:39
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Hey Kenny, its the American way to snipe,  criticize, and have fun with the situation all at the same time.  In my opinion, Paul and company may be stuck in a creative rut and stagnating.  But that doesn't stop him and company from being an excellent performers.  I have to agree they have been touring like an oldies act.  It only makes sense they tour as an oldies act.  After all, Paul and Marty are old enough for AARP airfare, hotel, and meal discounts.  Now they can save money on touring expenses and tour twice as much.  But it has nothing to do with the management of JS.  But since they are acting like and oldies act, perhaps they should perform their oldest hit more often: Ride the Wheelchair.  

As a suggestion for the titles for their next four albums:


But I would like to point out that Yoma Coconut has been in a much longer creative stagnation funk than Paul.  I may not be awed by the newer material.  But at least he is writing material.  The last time Yoma Coconut demonstrated any real creative energy was when he was under the direction of Les Kippel at Relix.  We got Too Hot To Handle and two excellent volumes of Live at the Sweetwater.  But if you take those CDs out of the equation, Yoma Coconut hasn't done anything really exciting or original since the Phosphorescent Rat.  Excuse me, but that was written and recorded twenty-seven years ago.  

So Yoma Coconut what have you done lately?  Well, there was Ice Age, which I wrote in 1982 ...

Well, its 2002 and isn't that interesting?

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