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Posted by Dave on 04/21/02 - 22:02:40
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Touring - YES - this is the only way to make sure you got the best show or best jam of a show or best songs. Case in point, I saw 7 sets in 7 days and was pleasantly entertained each night.

However, being allowed to witness Teaching the Computers to Dream and Let's Go Together and High Flying Bird in the same set at Westbury was so fucking wonderful, its hard to remember BBs the next night. This is one of the reasons why I've yet to post a BBs review. I'm still speechless from Westbury. Still in awe of the band's performance. Still amazed Computers was played as well as it was given that Paul was reviewing the song with the band on the way to the gig.

So, you got that right. The question always comes up to me: Why do you go see so many shows? The answer is: To see that special show or special song or even group of songs (Ex: the BATE sets in Bodles). That's why. I can't just see 1 or 2 shows and feel complete. Multiple shows, multiple tours are required medication to keep me sane. OK?

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