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Posted by Kenny on 04/21/02 - 20:38:42
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.........and other comments should be taken in thier proper context.  As for me, I don't recall having attacked JS/Michael (the band or anyone affiliated with it).

I made a couple of points, most of 'em valid I think.  So did Scot and a few of the others.

The fact is, JA and JS (of the 70s) were a big time act.  There was a constant stream of new creativity, new band configurations, new music.  New fans were aware of the band.  People were turned on to the 1975 version of JS who never heard or saw JA.  As Scot pointed out, most music fans aren't even aware the band is active anymore, due to the lack of any airplay of any new material whatsoever for too many years now.  

The band is behaving very much like an oldies act.  Its why I don't cringe when people scream out for STL, Rabbit (and usually get them) at shows.

Things I would like to see:

1. End of sniping with Jack/Jorma.  Who cares who is at fault?  Be the bigger person and reach out.  If either/both never play with JS again, so be it.  But stop the childishness (yes, and lawsuits too, ok? OK!).  It goes both ways.

2. Addition of a full time bass player

3. A yearly release of a new studio album, preferably not loaded with unnecessary epithets that preclude airplay (we all know how to say "fuck", by now).

All of us, every one of us, are fans of the band.  But I think those who offer constructive criticism only want to see the band soar to new heights....not merely survive.  We are not unappreciative of "what we have".  Maybe we are SO appreciative of it that we want to see it grown and stick around rather than grow less and less relevant....and die when people don't bother showing up anymore.

The thing I always was amazed by was the crowd at Dead concerts.  Fifty-somethings and teen agers.  New fans always coming into the fold.  I can't remember the last time I met anyone who was newly turned on to JS.  The band's popularity will not grow because of OUR efforts to evangelize.  It will grow as it once did, by delivering new messages, music and ideals.....not dusting off old ones and saying "2001 and still fuckin' happening".

Off my soapbox, and ever grateful,


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