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Posted by Ammianus Marcellinus on 04/21/02 - 20:31:14
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1) Keep in mind that my letter is a _thank-you note_.  I wouldn't be able to write such a thank-you note if my Senators hadn't voted the right way _beforehand_, as in fact they did.  So there must have been something  _already_ going on so that W.'s ANWR proposal was defeated.  I wonder what that was.

2) If big sums of money were the _only_ influence upon politicians, then we'll be in really bad shape come the global Hubbert Peak, because there really aren't enough big sums of money in the right hands to coerce the politicians to prepare the nation for the end of the Era of Cheap Oil in any adequate way.  When the moment happens, there will be dreadful shortages of gasoline and no infrastructure in place to cope with the problem for years.  Head for the hills, while there's still gasoline in your tank.

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