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Posted by Anna on 04/21/02 - 19:40:14
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True to my word, I'm here and I'm posting. "The Somewhat Abbreviated Adventures of Little Star Sister and Dear old Dad" might be a good place to start (and besides which, I promised). Last Saturday my Dad and I headed off to Webster for the Tribal Gathering at Ed's Event (which was amazing). While we were there, someone mentioned Westbury to us, suggesting that we should go. We had driven from Boston (where we live) to Long Island to see JS play back in November, and I guess my Dad was ready to do it all over again, because a day or so after Ed's he started asking me to get all the details. I gave him what I could find on Tuesday night and when I woke up on Wednesday, there were driving directions and maps of LI all over the place - we were going! The show was incredible, and I was really impressed by Ray Manzarek. Our original crazy plan was to go to the show and then turn around and head back to Boston that night, but at some point backstage, while hanging out with Paul, Liz and Cricket, our crazy plan became full-blown insanity and we ended up following them to NYC, where we spent the night at the same hotel as the band! We spent the next morning shopping (when in New York. . . .? no, when without a change of clothes!), then hung out with John (the tour manager, and such a great guy!) until heading to the club for the sound check. We stayed there straight-through to show time, and after two absolutely fantasic sets, featuring White Rabbit like I have never heard it before, as well as some great stage banter from Paul and Marty, we headed home (for real this time). Now my only problem is - what do I say on tomorrow morning when people say "So, what'd you do on vacation?" What more can I say? I had the time of my life.
Ps - To Cricket, Liz, Chris, Dave, and Rich (did I forget anyone?): it was great meeting you/seeing you again - hope we can do it all again real soon!

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