Personally, I'm grateful for the Fairs...

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Posted by surfin'charlie on 04/21/02 - 19:26:41
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Message Body these are the only shows I get to attend (stuck here in the American South).Previous Meat-and-Potatoes-Gigs-I-have-Consumed include Louisville KY and last years Marty-less (DISAPPOINTED) Stone Mt. GA.(Still a firey show).  
I am actually counting on Marty to woo my Unappriciative wife (her first show) on board the JS.  So, bring on the hits in the interest of attraction and Initiation -- very necessary for the sustainence and propagation of the Band.
Young Girl's Sunday Blues and St. Charles would be nice as well.

This is my first stroll upon A-Deck.  It is my great privilege to enjoy the view with you -- Fellow Explorers With Obviously Great Taste.


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