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Posted by twilight double leader on 04/21/02 - 16:08:33
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I guess Dave and I have to get in line behind you as "biggest fans" ... good thing it's a short (2, 3 mile) line.

I saw "Them" at RCMH in 1984, right after Grace and Paul had bailed.  The only person (other than MT) on stage that I recognized was Donnie Baldwin.  Who were these guys?  All disco (big hair was big) and no substance.  It s-u-c-k-e-d.

I made sure I told Marty that we missed his presence last week, and his first reaction was "Well.  I appreciate that."  Not that the Bodles show wasn't special without Marty, because of the BATE setlist.  Those folks on the west coast don't know what they are getting ... and they better show up and put some fannies in the seats or they won't get any more of it!  You should leave a comp at the door for the crybabies (airfare and hotel not included) so they can get a free sample of what they are missing.

War Movie?  Oh, yea.  I have one (very bad) live version of it.  It may be the only time it was done.  Another one to "pull out" is an acoustic solo We Can Be Together.  Go listen to the demo on the Vols outtakes, then dream a little.  Almost got Marty and Slick to play Back to Texas Friday night (ok, it's our little gag.)

How was the dim sum?  Just can't get good dim sum around here in Jersey :(

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