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Posted by don aters on 04/21/02 - 15:43:42
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I don't have any misconceived ideas that we will ever be on each other's Christmas List but your work with not only JS and Pk, but others as well, speaks for itself.  You can take a horse to water, as the saying goes............anyone can bitch but regardless of the set list, there is only one Kantner, one actively incolved JS and either go and be happy about it or keep your ass at home.  Most of us go to see and hear what we grew to, patterned lives to and the music that allowed us to escape not only the evils of a worthless war but the multiple evils of a tumultuous decade.  The few virtues of that time are the survivors, the musicians and the truly wonderful "flower children", i.e., Ethel & Ray, cricket, Liz, Gerald, Chris, and others of that ilk.  Bitchin only puts a damper on the rest of us, a dark, gloomy cloud that didn't exist before the naysayers came along.
It's a rare thing for a musician of kantner ability to even be with us so I don't care if he fuckin plays "Mary had A Little Lamb"........... at least he can and does play to the masses and no...............he is not an opening act for anyone.........God, there are a lot of dumb fuckers in this country.  i think are English friends are correct, we never appreciate what we have until it's gone.........
Anyway.......thanks Michael

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