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Posted by Mission Control on 04/21/02 - 15:15:40
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"The tree of knowledge must occassionally be refreshed with the blood of idiots & morons."

OR - as Ben Grimm used to say:
"It's clobberin time!"

And I'm referring to you nancy-boy/yancy-streeters (pardon the multiple-Marvel references, but it IS only a few weeks until "Spider-Man!").

Please understand - I am as or more critical than the most critical of you ... as regards my favorite musicians of which the JEFFERSONS are at or near the top.  I abandoned ship after "Winds Of Change" because the music of Mickey-Moe-Larry-Curly & Craig was not my cup of meat.  Imagine my validation when Paul split & the remaining clowns (sorry Scott) foisted THAT atrocious mannequin-music upon an unsuspecting world.  I was NOT thrilled with ALL of PERRO (1984) nor KBC (1986) because Jack was faking it!
Paul's songs were great, but Jack was still stuck on his thumb-pick (even for TUNA in 'dem days) ... which WE would liberate him from in 1992 via TNG.
I also reviled Keith Crossen's sax playing ... ah - had Slick been then, what he is now - KBC might have done it for me.

When Paul agreed to my suggestion for a retrofit with Darby, Papa, Prairie, Timmy, Slick & Jack, it was for the purpose of breathing life into new compositions, NOT merely rehashing old songs.  The result was a realization in part of his "Gaia" demo of "Shadowlands," "Which Side Are You On," "I'm On Fire," etc. - PLUS Darby brought in some WEW songs.  15 months later, Marty re-upped, so now we had his entire repertoire.  Not standing on laurels, P&M put a gun to my head to make a demo of an additional group of songs, being "The Light," "We Flew Away," "Gold," "Yes, Yes, Yes" - adding Nona Hendryx's "Women Who Fly."

Without missing a beat - barely a year went by - finding Paul, Marty & Diana (replacing Darby in 1994 ... with an incendiary performance at Woodstock in Mexico) working in another dozen songs for "Windows of Heaven."  All the while - I'm cajoling 'old-new' songs out of 'em ... ALL my faves ... yours as well - yes?  "Sketches Of China," "White Boy," "Darkly Smiling" - the list is endless boys & girls.  Last fall's addition of "Epic #38" (a personal favorite) digs about as deep into the well as you can go.  I have begged for "War Movie" for ten years, but Paul holds it over me as an inside joke ... you see, even I can't always get what I want!

Shortly, I shall compose a repertoire & performance history dating back to the commencement of my 'watch' in 1991 (I took 1996-7 off for a personal sabbatical) - so as to debunk those naysayers who seem to catch the same show over & over again, like Bill Murray in "Groundhog Day."  To 'dem I say: "Go see more shows!"

To those of you who think the "manager" should be genteel, sycophantic, sophomoric wimp, lacking agression, fluffy & polite so as not to alienate a single fan, I say: "FYWDW3."

This is not to say criticism is NOT welcome - it IS!  If someone has an off night singing .. or a collosal train wreck occurs playing, then share it, please!  The band aren't machines you know - isn't it the clams that illuminate the jewels?  That's the way it's been for me following GD & many others.

To the individual who thinks they can do a better job, I say:  If you have experience booking national talent, routing overseas & can find even ten deals I've missed, amongst the 800+ shows I've booked for these guys over 10 years ... email your resume loudmouth - I'll make certain Paul sees it.
I take my gig VERY SERIOUSLY, but I also care deeply about the JEFFERSON legacy (which is why I think Bill Graham put me in there in 1991 - he knew I was their BIGGEST fan!) - SO - I'll step aside if you can do better.  Anybody can talk the talk - but can YOU walk the walk.  ALL OF US ON A-DECK CAN'T WAIT FOR YOUR RESPONSE!

Note to the setlist complainers:  I suggest you NOT miss the following shows/runs ... guaranteed to have all rarities (but no MARty!) - May 27>31;
June 13>20 ... & Colorado is beautiful at that time of year!  Check those shows & set lists - I'm certain you'll get fixed up.

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