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Posted by kevin r schmidt on 04/21/02 - 14:58:39
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First, I have to agree with you about having a new CD out within the 18 months after the JS regrouped.  Virgin Sky was OK in my opinion but I was not impressed with the mix.  Shadowlands always sounded to me as if someone cut off the first few notes of the song in the final mix.  

WOH had the potential to be good but missed the mark as well.  We had Borderland from the KBC days finally released.  Millennium could have been great.  But in the middle of it, Paul goes of about children fused in zero gravity.  That one verse ruins the ENTIRE song.  Its like taking your finger nails and dragging them on a chalk board.  Last, you have to buy the German and Japanese versions of the CD to get the full sessions.  Personally, Marty shines on that CD.

Then we had Greatest Hits Live.  I was at that Fillmore show and it was not a good show.  The sound on the CD is poor and the mix muddy.  The CD is an abomination to the history and discography of the band.

As for ATSOS, I didn't buy it when it first came out.  I knew that after about two months I could pick up a used copy for under $10.  Sure enough, I was right.  The bins at Rasputins are filled with them for $8.  A new copy goes for $20.  The math difference and number of used copies says it all.  The problem with ATSOS is that there is no bass player and sounds too thin because of the drums.  Overall, the CD has some good moments on it.  

I haven't heard any of Paul's new material.  But I would be curious about how Paul may have put Sept 11 into perspective.  Aside from that, I have viewed his writings over the past few years as stagnated.  But everyone goes through a period of stagnation when they are not challenged.  

I have cabin fever and I'm heading out to see the A's.  Bastards better win or I'll be really pissed off in my next post.

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