Even for the 66-78 period there were different

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Posted by Roman on 04/21/02 - 12:22:14
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"sounds." Yes, the sound of Grace piercing and ad libbing through and on Marty and Paul's vocals was one of the JA's "sounds" -- and one that I find intoxicating.  But if you put a novice listener in the room, played Good Shepherd, Fat Angel, Pooneil, Miracle, and reJoyce, there's no way that he/she would guess that it was the same group. I've always thought that this was one of the group's strengths. Talk about diversity!

BTW, the song that turned me on to the whole Jefferson family was (drumroll please) Girl With The Hungry Eyes! A great tune (and surprising PK lyrics for a "party song")-- but who woulda guessed it would lead to my love affair with the Grace, PK, Marty "sound" noted above.

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