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Posted by Kenny on 04/21/02 - 08:08:18
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I stopped subscribing the 2400 Fulton because my mailbox, and later the journal, were flooded with political bullshit posts.  It seemed to get close to the point where there were as many of these discussions as discussions about music.  And woe be to those who dare to post "politically incorrect" positions on anything.  There was one particular guy (known therein as "POPE PAUL")who was particularly obnoxious.

The BBS environment is far preferable to listserv this one proves.  If you find a poster obnoxious, or a topic disinteresting, you simply ignore it, saving aggrevation and bandwidth.

As for mustic trading .....

First of all, a lot of what I remember from 2400 Fulton was MP3 trading.  Fine for the broadband challenged, but godawful for those who care about quality.  Has that changed?

Second, B&P, trees, seeding, etc. is a lot of friggin' work.  Its much easier to just post it up on USENET and let the masses download/share.  Why has this reality escaped JS fans?  It ain't very hard to set up a binary NG and share the music.....lots easier than sending blanks, envelopes and postage in the mail.  And what about those just starting out who have nothing to offer in trade?


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