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Posted by Wayne on 04/21/02 - 08:00:51
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Having read some of the links offered by twillight double leader, I now understand that there are SHN servers to dish these files out in this lossless format.  It is my further understanding that the servers can be tough to get into because of high demand and that peer-to-peer trading can allow more timely exchanges.

To that end, perhaps there are people with SHN servers that specialize in JS material.  I'll have to start watching for this on 2400Fulton.

With all this new knowledge, I'll rephrase my original request as follows:

If MC allows, can a couple kind folks send me an IP address and l/p (login/password) so that I can acquire some newish JS shows in the SHN format, or just email me some in the mp3 format?  

Mike, it's nice of you to offer the B&P (blanks and postage) for the Reno show.  I may take you up on it if I'm unsuccessful with this broadband approach.



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