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Posted by Christo on 04/21/02 - 07:16:23
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Paul & the guys - please go to a nice small friendly studio and do a tasty acoustic album of nice new stuff. Prarie can play his fab percussion which sounds great.
An at-home, around-the-fire album. I aint looking for something as flash as the first CPR - tho thatd be nice - i just done thing its the Jefferson way.
Kinda with the atmosphere of some of thoe Acoustic Shuttlecraft gigs I've heard tapes of, but with everybody and with new songs - from everybody - I'm sure Slick has a few tunes up his sleeve. Heck you could do a Weavers song you (Paul) like so much.

I know JS are in a delighting-at-forgotten-past-wonders phase, and nothing wrong with that.
Just thought this would be an easy was to try something new. Wouldn't be the same energy-draining catharsis that full band album recording would be. I think some new Mountain Song-like gems could be made in this kind of environment.
These days, good mikes and a hard disk recorder and a good set of braincells running same can make top quality recordings at home or anywhere. Record one up a mountain or on the beach etc...

Instead of finding the new in the old. Rediscover the old in the new. (thats rather good - I'll write that down...)

phew..2posts on a Sunday morning even before coffee...thats enough thinking for one day...
Am I making sense?

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