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Posted by Stuart Drucker on 04/21/02 - 03:20:49
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Let's get a grip here. How many groups even have 30 years of material to choose from in the first place, let alone rotate non-trivial chunks of it over the years to go with the "hits"? I would have liked to hear the Blows Suite, Wolves, or Windows of Heaven at 115 Bourbon, but consider that probably 80% of the people there to specifically see JS (as opposed to the Saturday night party crowd) only know the band from Miracles or JA from maybe four songs from the 60's.

To most of the world other than Fultoners or JS3C'ers, _everything else_ they're playing is obscure. These days, Volunteers or Wooden Ships qualifies as obscure since they hardly get radio play anymore.

Face it. At least you have something to bitch about. I'd take even the greatest hits set we heard tonight over, say, the concerts that Prince or Madonna played here in the past year. Those shows were literaly song-by-song, patter-by-patter replicates of the same shows we read about in the New York Times or saw on HBO specials.

I'm with MC. These shows exist to give the band enough living expenses to play the "real shows" that the hard-cores like us want. And from what I've read, it's not like PK and co. are living the Porsche rock star life. They work for a living.

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