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Posted by Bob D. on 04/21/02 - 02:18:43
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Kenny;  Jefferson Starship and Hot Tuna have basically the same taping/trading policies as did the Grateful Dead.  Soundboard and audience audio tapes are available for just about every show. Where the venue allows, JS also allows video taping by the audience.  Several regulars on this message board are avid and dedicated video tapers of JS.  Hot Tuna, on the other hand, almost never allows video taping. But, I can vouch that almost every Hot Tuna show is audio recorded for trading.

The secret handshake is to get on the 2400 Fulton list.  That is THE major forum for trading of JA/JS/HT, and other related artists.  If you are looking for any particular show - post the request on 2400 - if it exists, someone on 2400 will have it.

Most of the trading is done on CDR, DAT, or cassette - exactly the same rules and concerns over maintaining quality as on the Dead, or any other serious taping forums.  I agree on keeping the Mini-disc and MP3 formats out of the trading realm.  If someone wants it in a compressed format, they should do their own conversion down from the higher quality formats.    

There you go.  Get on the 2400 Fulton list and you'll soon be surprised at what's available for trade.  Every one of the shows currently being discussed will be offered up on that list.

To get you started: On April 5th I recorded the JS Reno NV show and just mastered the CDR's.  If you'd like a copy - send an email and we'll set up a trade (or even B&P)?

Peace,  Bob D.        

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